7 Applications That Make Consulting Easier

Making the transition from working in-house to consultant meant I had a bit of challenge working out which applications I needed to get going.

Previously, and probably the cases in most companies – Services and applications are decided upon and they become the de facto tools everyone uses. Oh you’re new, we’ll just get you set-up on Dropbox / Asana / Trello – it’s what we use here. Uh huh.

Here are seven consulting applications I’ve used to speed up my workflow.

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Digital Marketing Students

Why Are Irish Employers Trying to Recruit Bad Digital Marketers?

Over the past year I’ve helped lots of aspiring Digital Marketers through the NCI Certificate in Digital Marketing. Something which I had as a personal goal for some time now, and I’ve really enjoyed the experience.

A common theme we discuss is around the skills needed in Digital Marketing. Students are often guided by what job positions are available. The feedback I get is that the roles advertised are unrealistic both in their scope and the experience needed.

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